Always a happy day when you have a fireworks show

Local certified pyrotechnicians for all types of firework & pyrotechnic displays for all sorts of events & organizations

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About us

Examples of Memorable Events

A personal or professional show at your home, work or specific location during an event, party, rally, graduation, gathering, wedding, engagement, anniversary, birthday, Halloween, Canada Day, Chinese New Year, Victoria Day or anytime of the year.

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The Service You Want

Happy Day Fireworks Inc. is your local certified pyrotechnician connection.

We design and fire all types of firework display services for community events and other occasions.

Our team of pyrotechnicians and display firework supervisors have been performing firework shows since 1998 in the Lower Mainland / Metro Vancouver area.

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History of Company

We have been involved with fireworks since we were of legal age selling with various vendors. We knew we could do it better and wanted only the best stuff.

We started the company in 2009 with a fireworks retail store in Port Moody. We moved to Burnaby in 2010. We shifted our focus to fireworks shows with a customer focus. We can get sparklers for the kids.

Our location - based in Vancouver, will travel

Fireworks regulation and by-law information

Update - November 2019

Many people are unsure about the firework regulations by-laws information in their local area.
If you want to purchase, possess or discharge fireworks legally in a city or district, please check out your local city hall, fire department or the following links.

In Canada, family fireworks may be sold year-round with the exception of parts of Metro Vancouver.
Family fireworks are regulated federally in most areas outside the Metro Vancouver.
Within Metro Vancouver municipalities regulate family fireworks through municipal by-laws. - quoted from 2009 by-law information pamphlet titled "Do You Know Your Family Fireworks Regulations & By-laws?" 

Please fire safely and have fun! In case of emergency, please call 911. 


If you don't see a location, please e-mail and we'll help you out:

Events and products

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